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What the Lovers Tarot Card Symbolizes

The facing up Lovers symbolize love, union and harmony. Finding balance with one’s self is also an indication of the Lover. You are learning to evaluate yourself, your moral code and the importance of your life. This will give harmony and balance in your atmosphere. In general when the Lovers tarot card is shown it is a sign that there are big decision to make or faced with a difficulty. You may be uneasy about the people around you, uncertain about situations or the direction you should be taking. These are the big choices you are dealing with. Do not pick the option that is the easiest, have all the information and make the best decision. The journey may be difficult, but the reward at the end will be worth it.

If you are looking for love or relationship in Tarot reading the Lovers is the best card you can get. It signifies kindred spirits and is a soulmate card and an amazing bond between two individuals. If you are single, love is about to knock on your door! This will be more than a mere puppy love. The love will be passionate and will have deep connection and intense attraction. If you are in a relationship, this card will tell you to expect a rekindling of romance in your love life. The bond between the both of you will deepen and the connection will strengthen more than you can imagine. The Lovers symbolize you and your partner having a physical, emotional, spiritual bond that majority of couples can only imagine about. As long as both of you maintains an adult-adult balance, your relationship is everything you need.

In a career point of view, the Lovers tarot card represents a business partnerships between to people. This will be an amazing partnership and extremely beneficial if this card is representing a partnership. You and your business partner will be on the same work level, will contribute well together, and will make each other better. If The Lovers is present in a career tarot reading, there may be a possibility of you getting romantically involved with a colleague. Know the risk about mixing business and romantic passion, be cautious and be prepared for the consequences. The Lover tarot card means you will have to decide carefully in your career path. You may look at it as an undesirable choices but that is not the case. Gather all your facts together to decide the right course of action. It can specify a huge change coming or a change in your career, it may seem undesirable at first but it will be rewarding for you. Ideally, this is a good time to seek financial chances as you will be attracting amazing fortune.

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