Themed Hampers- One Way to Please Your UK Gift Loving Family Member

Gifts are wonderful any time of the year. Whether it is for a holiday, birthday, anniversary, or any other occasion, there is something for everyone. However, not everyone finds gift giving easy. It can actually be quite difficult to purchase for the person who has everything, or the person who is never satisfied with anything. Others may only want something from the UK. One idea to make it all easier is to purchase or assemble a themed gift basket, or hamper.

Themed Hampers

Themed hampers take the guess work out of gift giving. There is a little bit of everything, and there are many options. By thinking in terms of a theme, it helps to narrow down the options, allowing it to be a thoughtful gesture, instead of a haphazard jumble of items thrown together.

Ideas for Themed Hampers

  • For the never-satisfied individual, one great option is to assemble a basket with a certificate to a favorite restaurant and some decadent chocolate. It could be dinner and a dessert.
  • For the person who has everything, a hamper filled with some gourmet crackers, cheese, and wine may fit the bill, as it allows for sharing or not. Besides, who turns down delicious food? Otherwise, if this is not an option because of allergies, perhaps a “spa” hamper, filled with soothing lotions, bath salts, and perhaps some lovely scented candles.
  • For the adventurous foodie, a basket of different foods from around the world would be lovely. Or if the person is not adventurous, putting together a basket of comfort snacks would be appreciated just as much.
  • Another option is to do a country by country gift set. This would certainly go over well with someone who loves all things British. Perhaps a basket full of uk gifts would be lovely, such as tea, biscuits, a jar of jam, tea strainer, and perhaps even a tea cup and saucer. A hamper inspired by France could be filled with some delicious cheese, baguette, pate, and of course, French wine.

These ideas should be an excellent starting point for the gift giving journey. The idea of themes in a gift should, theoretically, help make even the pickiest of people appreciate the thought that went into the gift. Especially that relative who insists on only the best from the UK!