What to Expect When Taking Tongkat Ali Herbal Extract

Men looking for an effective anti-aging supplement may want to include Tongkat Ali extract in their dietary regimen. This herbal product is known for numerous beneficial effects that are linked to its ability to stimulate natural testosterone production and reduce production of the stress hormone cortisol. As men age, their testosterone production decreases, and that can have unwanted results.

Positive Effects

Men consuming this plant-derived substance can expect positive effects on sex drive and performance, efforts to build lean muscle in resistance training, higher energy levels and natural fat burning. Unlike illegal anabolic steroids some men use for muscle building, Tongkat Ali is not associated with unpleasant and even hazardous side effects. One common side effect of steroids, the tendency to feel angry, actually is reduced with the herbal product because of its impact on cortisol.

Contrast With Drugs

Also called Malaysian ginseng, Tongkat Ali does not have the dramatic effects of anabolic steroids, but it’s still relatively potent. During one study, participants consuming the supplement for a month experienced a 37-percent rise in testosterone on average. Herbal substances do not work like most drugs with a rapid effect from the first dose. The person cannot expect to take Tongkat Ali one time and experience a quick, temporary result as is the case with Viagra.


Tongkat Ali is available in powder and as an extract. Herbal extracts typically are more powerful because they contain a concentrated and precise amount of the active ingredient. Not taking more than the maximum recommended dosage is important and so is the time of day when consuming the extract because of its energy enhancement characteristic. It should be taken soon after the person gets up for the day, as consuming it too late in the day can disrupt sleep.


The supplement generally does not continue boosting testosterone stimulation beyond a certain level, as it works in concert with the body for optimum effects. It does not directly elevate testosterone in the body nor directly cause anti-aging effects. Instead, its effect is to encourage the body to gradually return its testosterone production to a level more typical in youth. The person can continue taking it for maintenance of these results.