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Lawn Maintenance Tips

Most homeowners think that lawn needs less care since the grass grow slowly. However, just like how a car needs a regular maintenance, lawns also need daily checkup to ensure that the grass and trees are in good condition. If you don’t know where to start with taking care of your lawn, the following tips will help you in keeping it in good shape. The mowing machine that you choose to play a vital role in the outcome of your lawn. It is vital to sharpen the blades of your mowing machine so as to avoid tearing the grass with dull blades. Garden stores assist lawn owners who find it difficult to sharpen their mowing machine blades. You need to cut the grass at the right height, it is unhealthy to cut the grass too close to the roots since it will die. Ensure that you cut the grass regularly till you get the desired height.

Other than mowing, the grass needs to water at some intervals. The following are the essential tips that lawn owner need to follow in order to maximize watering efficiency and effectiveness. It is essential to water the lawn in the morning to ensure that the moisture get deep into the roots before they are dried by the sun. In addition, ensure that you water one inch of the grass below the ground to that the soil absorb the water without getting too much water as well as keeping the grass perfectly hydrated. For perfect hydration of the grass, water the field three times in a week.

One of the best ways to ensure that you have a healthy and gorgeous lawn is to ensure that its nutritional needs are being met with fertilization. Apply fertilizers to your lawn at the right time and season. It is vital to test the acidity and alkalinity of the soil before using a fertilizer. Also consider the application procedures of the fertilizer, is the fertilizer you chose administered by a spray nozzle or a spreader.

Weeds can be a nightmare to most lawn owners, however, covering some section of the lawn with mulch will assist in destroying them. Besides, you can get rid of the weeds by planting the grass closer together to limit the space that the weeds would have used. You need aerate the lawn so as to it improves moisture retention, increase nutrient retention as well as giving the grass enough space for breathing.

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