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The Best Methods Of Maintain Your Prom Dress One cannot afford to spoil the prom dress hence the need to understand how to keep this expensive garment safe. The prom dress will remain safe if a person follows the necessary steps of storing the dress. There are various ways to how to keep the dress safe before and after prom. The prom dress should be placed in such a way that it does not crease. Ensure that the dress comes with a complimentary bag that is useful in storing the prom dress. If your retailer does not provide this complimentary garment bag, you should make a point of buying one from a supermarket or any other online retailers. The dress should not be in contact with the floor hence the need to hang it high above the floor when storing it. The a place that you select to place your dress should be away from the kitchen or from other elements like the dust that might spoil the dress. Make sure that you do not wear the dress most of the time because the dress is delicate and the beading will become loose and fall off in the long run. The more time you this dress out of the garment, the higher the chances of it getting damaged or spoil. wearing the dress for a long time before the actual prom will make the dress lose its essence. A the reputable dry cleaner can fix all the issues that your dress might have like creasing or accidental spillage.
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When you are getting ready for the prom night, ensure that you apply your makeup before you wear the dress. you should be careful with the lot that you apply on your body and the bronzers, as these can transfer from your skin and make marks to appear on the prom dress. Your prom dress should remain perfect by ensuring you do not spray the beads and crystals on the dress as some of them may tarnish making the dress to lose its luster. Ask for help when wearing this dress and ensure that you have washed your hands before touching it.
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The prom dress is made for standing, sitting and talking and not for walking here and there hence the need to understand its purpose. Consider the way you arrive at prom if the method of arrival can cause damage to the dress. Always bear in mind that this dress is very precious and expensive hence the need to take care of it the whole night. Do not wash your prom dress or rub it in case of spills but have it cleaned by a qualified dry cleaner.