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Playground Equipment: Things to Know Before Buying

If you manage a playground, you want kids to have the best possible time while they’re there. That means it’s important to make the most informed purchases you can on your equipment. Your new toys and structures should be nice to look at and use without going overboard on your budget. Here are some of the most important things to watch out for.

Equipment Should Be Safe

As much as you might try to supervise them, kids are bound to have accidents, and play parks are prime locations for them. When you’re choosing new equipment, you want to be especially attentive to any potential safety concerns, such as sharp edges or heavy detachable items. Certain safety risks may not be particularly apparent, such as materials that become very slippery in rainy weather and metal exteriors that become burn hazards. It can be useful to look up different products’ safety ratings online.

How Much to Spend

If you are buying on behalf of an institution or organization, chances are you have a fairly limited budget to work with. As a result, you may have to comparison shop for a while until you find the exact kinds of equipment you need while staying within your budget. It’s all about finding a balance between cost and other essential factors.

Reliable, Long-Lasting Material

Don’t forget to look for equipment that’s made from solid, durable materials. Those investing in new playground equipment are likely expecting the new items to last up to a decade or longer. They are exposed to different kinds of weather on top of the usual wear and tear caused by the children themselves.

Materials and craftsmanship are not where you want to save money. It would be a shame to install several new items, only for them to stop working a couple of years later. it can be a good idea to look for a long warranty with reasonable conditions.

Get an Assortment of Fun Equipment

Children are easily bored, making it important that they have a range of options for their playtime. You should also keep in mind that different children have varying interests and abilities. This is especially critical for schools. Between their multiple recess breaks, lunch periods, and free time before or after school, kids will rely on the same playground to provide entertainment several days a week. Ideally, there should be an assortment of potential activities for children to try out, and the equipment should be designed in a way that appeals to kids. You also want to have some less restricted areas where kids can improvise different kinds of activities.

As you can see, there’s more to buying new playground equipment than you might have thought. As long as you do your research with a clear head, it shouldn’t be too hard to find exactly what you need.

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